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Why do I love #reading?

 I am an avid reader who reads pretty much anything.  

My passion for reading started very early on, as early as Grade 5. I was a fan of Nancy Drew and Famous Five and all sorts of comic books back then.

In High School and University, my interest shifted to romantic novels by Mills and Boons Publishers, various New York Times Best Sellers authored primarily by Sidney Sheldon, Daniel Steele, Jeffrey Archer, Alfred Hitchcock, John Grisham etc..etc..etc..

Why do I love #reading?When I was majoring in English Language and Literature, again my reading focus took another interesting turn. Here, I was reading more of Women’s Place in Literature over the years, feminist writers like Virginia Wolfe, Doris Lessing and the like.. I loved their world and couldn’t get enough of them.

I continued reading even after I was done college and entered work force.

I was a fan of Freud and often lost myself analyzing and dissecting his theory on Interpretation of Dreams. My friends thought I was acting a bit crazy.

Anyways, Marriage didn’t affect my kinship with reading.  I kept at it until Kevin was born.

Then, everything changed. Life turned into a roller coaster ride, needless to say for the first year at least. “Me times” turned out to be a thing of the past.

My son became my world and everything else meant very little…

I was trying to understand the ropes of Motherhood and learning my life lessons in that department. For a while, I had to say good bye to my beloved books. I still remember staring at them at the book shelf at home or at the library longingly. I wanted to feel them again. I wanted to revel in a world where they could open up for me!

Anyways, that story is old now. I am not a newbie Mom anymore.

Now with two kids on tow, I manage time for myself better and read at least half hour a day no matter what.

On good days, if I am lucky I get to spend four to five hours of reading in. This is very good.

And did I mention about my Kobo  e-reader? It is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Now I can take my books wherever I go, in my purse safe and sound. The feeling is exhilarating, if you are a book lover that is.

Why do I love reading so much? I have asked this question way too many times to myself.

I guess it has something to do with the quiet companionship it brings along to my world.  I know they would never let me down. They are always ready to give me without expecting anything in return. Like a good friend, I can confide in them and trust in them to keep my secrets. I know I would never give up on them or their friendship.

They have made my life whole like no one else can. Yes, I love to read. And I am proud of it…




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