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Soak up in Luxury Retreats of Italy

Gondolas and Waterways of Venice


Italy is one of the most romantic and stunning places to visit on the globe. It exudes charm, history, and not to mention stunning architecture all around. With a little planning and saving, you can book a trip to Italy and take part in your dream vacation! How do you feel about staying at one of the luxury houses in Italy? It can be made possible with Luxury Retreats! 


Luxury Retreats’ Italy Villas & Vacation Rentals

Soak up In Luxury Retreats of Italy


Luxury Retreats is a great site to go to for booking your stay in Italy. Shop for Italy Villas and Vacation Rentals all on one website. Planning for the trip can be made ten times easier with them whether you want to spend your time in Florence, Rome, Milan or any other destination on the map! They have very good prices on stays, and you can adjust where you want to stay, how long, and how many guests. You are able to find you the perfect location to stay at while you head out and explore Italy and all its beautiful wonders! 

These villa rentals really draw you into the culture, tastes, and styles of your European destination. Each one of the Italy vacation rentals is going to meet high standards of quality and luxury, so you feel like you are a million dollars when you leave. You can stay in historical estates, charming farmhouses, villas in Italy with outdoor pools and dining, and so many more options. 

You can find locations to stay at all over Italy, so if you want to stay at one location for a few days then travel to another area of Italy, you are able to. I can’t imagine how beautiful these villas are in person, they look like something you see in the movies. These are luxury and top of the line villas to stay at for sure. 

The Luxury Retreat website offers only the highest quality of villas to stay at. You can filter your search so you don’t have to weed through areas you may not be interested in staying at. If you want a historical estate, beachfront, or large group locations,  you can search for those locations for the time frame you will be staying. At the bottom of each picture of the villa, you will see how many people can stay at the location, beds, and baths available. Some locations also have a 5-star rating where you can see what past guests thought of their stay. You can read full reviews of what actual guest thought about their stay, what they liked and even what they didn’t. It is a great way to gauge if you feel it would be a perfect place for you to stay. 

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In their efforts to guarantee authentic and affordable travel experience, Luxury Retreats offers Price Match Guarantee and 24/7 personal concierge service to assist with details big and small. And that’s how they offer top quality and great value to their customers.

If you are planning a trip to Italy in near future, check out Luxury Retreats and make your visit an experience of a lifetime! Below is a list of things to do in Italy if you do end up visiting 🙂


A Few Things To Do When In Italy

The Colosseum in Italy


 If you love to see architecture and visit historical places, then Italy is a perfect vacation for you. They have stunning views, buildings that are so old, and majestically beautiful. Also, they have an abundance of churches that are free to visit, and a great way to see art and the beauty of the churches. 

Good Food

Italy is known for their decadent dishes of pasta, gelato, bruschetta, pizza and more. If you are a foodie, you will have an abundance of places to try out, mouthwatering dishes, that will leave you completely satisfied.

An article from 2012 on Fox News shares 25 Best Resturants to Eat in Italy. This is useful if you are looking to try a variety of cuisines, from classic French to fusion to entertain your palate while you visit. 

Outdoor Markets

 If you will be staying for a while in Italy, hit up their outdoor markets. You can find great deals on fresh fruits, vegetables, clothing, souvenirs, culinary treats and more. It is a wonderful way to spend a day and get to see the culture of Italy. Find some foods and head back to your villa and create your own take on an Italy inspired dish. 

There is a great post on Lonely Planet about travel tips for first timers in Italy. I think this is great for anyone who wants to get practical tips to ensure that your first time visiting Italy to be a magical experience!

Canal Tours

Hop on and take a canal tour and truly see the beauty of Italy!  Nothing is more romantic than the scenes in movies of couples floating down a canal in Italy! 

The romantic waterways and gondolas of Venice are on my list of things to do in Italy. 

The Volcano of Mt. Vesuvius

 This is located in Pompeii and Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, it is one of the largest active volcanoes in mainland Europe! It has beautiful landscaping and vineyards. This is worth stopping and seeing if you are in the area, it is an item to mark off a bucket list! 

Leaning Tower of Pisa’

 The construction of this building began to sink on one side, and the work was put to a halt. After 90 years the construction was finally resumed, and now today you can go and see this historical site before it disappears. It sinks by 1mm every single year. Certainly, a wonderful place to visit and savour the history of the country on your next visit to Italy. 


Did I convince you enough to plan a trip to Italy yet? What are you waiting for then? Pack your bags!




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    There are great trips in this post. I was looking at some of the luxury villas in Lake Como, I definitely want to visit there.

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    It’s beautiful. I am amazed by how old everything looks.

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