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Season of Love and Giving

Christmas is just around the corner and I am half way through the shopping. One more crucial week to go and we are there. Magic is every where. At home there is the Christmas tree and other decorations and at the stores, season’s specialties are in place, craving for shoppers’s cursory glances and feverish buyings. Malls are all outrageously adorned with wreaths, figurines of rain deer, Santa, Elf and the like…I am not ashamed to admit that along with Kevin and Krista, I am also anxiously awaiting the big day to be blessed with Santa’s secret visit and the much awaited gifts (okay, gifts for my kids). Churches are fully packed these days with believers frequenting them all too often. Around this time, I always notice people’s faces lit up with happiness for no particular reason and sometimes smiling longer than necessary at you when stumbling upon each other any where. I guess the inherent kindness in us work over time during the season and we spend money to buy special gifts for others and donate to charities without keeping track of them until the next credit card bill arrive in January!
Yeah..that is the sad truth and our time to do a reality check along with fresh new year resolutions. But aren’t we smart enough  to indulge in the present moment or more like “seize the moment” and enjoy the “Carpe Diem” of it?  In plain language, we have to pay bills no matter what. Be it a Celebration or time of Normalcy, they come promptly every month to jolt you awake and present you with difficult decisions and responsibilities. So, why not revel in the festivities and loosen up? Do what makes you most happy- shopping, spending money on you or others, hang out with friends, enjoy fine food and wine or just spend time with your precious family. Be this the season for taking an inventory of what “values” most to you in the real sense. For some of you, Family and Relationships come first. For others, money, enjoying good things in life, taking a much awaited vacation..anything! Whatever it is, make sure this Christmas, you do just that! Nurture the most valuable asset in your life.. feed it, water it, shower your  affection on it.. leave no stones unturned. In the process , if you end up ruining your balance sheet or account books, that is okay. Because money comes and goes, but the valuables are timeless. They are precious. Well, that is why they are valuables to you in the first place, right? This is the perfect time to take stock of the treasures in your life. For ’tis is the Season of Love and Giving. 



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  • Reply
    Frugal in WV
    11 January, 2013 at 1:42 am

    My kids had a very good Christmas this year 🙂 They got a little spoiled by both their grandparents and my husband and I. I figure that they are only young once though and they both still believe in santa this year, which won’t last much longer. I hope your kids had a great Christmas!

    • Reply
      Mommy's Heart
      24 January, 2013 at 6:52 pm

      Kids had a great Christmas this year! I mean, Krista is still too small to know about Santa and his generous gifts but Kevin had a blast, not to mention he took full advantage of me (I mean, Santa)! 🙂 But he was very happy while opening up his gifts and Krista was in her walker going round and round around him while he was doing this. It was a lovely sight to watch! 🙂

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