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Power up your Voice with Ipsos-i-Say

Ipsos-i-Say Online surveys

***This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ipsos. All opinions are 100% mine***

Let’s talk about ‘our voice’ today. No, I am not talking about how great we sound folks. But the ‘inner voice’ that is deeply embedded in all of us. Call it ‘outlook’. 

We all have an opinion on things that matter. And we don’t mind taking a stand on issues once in a while. Be it online, on social media, or in person, that’s how we are. It differentiates me from you and from the rest of the crowd and vice versa. It makes us unique and it defines our individuality. There is something powerful about making your voice heard. And no, it doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxiously loud with rantings to make sure others hear you. No one wants to be that person, right?

Ipsos-i-Say Online surveys

There is in fact a fine line when it comes to delivering your opinion. And how you do it can either make your audience stay and listen or steer clear of you once you start speaking. 

As a blogger, I am pretty opinionated 😉 This is a place you can read a ton about my outlook on things like parenting, current events and product reviews. I usually take a stand on the subjects that are written here. Occasionally, I handle a topic where I do not offer any opinion because:

a) I could have limited knowledge of the topic
b) I could be doing a survey and am open to hearing what my readers think about a certain issue. 

My readers feel valued when they are included in shaping an opinion for our community. And I am happy that they take time to express their ideas on our subject matters. And together we move forward with greater clarity on things that are important to us. 


Speaking of surveys, I’ve been a panelist with Ipsos i-Say for a while now, and it is great that they give me a chance to cast my vote or opinion on global brands, entertainment, advertising and more. Through Ipsos i-Say surveys, I get the opportunity to influence decision makers by sharing my opinions about a variety of services, policies, products and ideas. In addition, as a panelist, I earn rewards points for my contributions, which can be redeemed for gift cards and other items. How cool! 

Ipsos-i-Say Online Surveys

Have you heard of Ipsos i-Say?

Specializing in advertising, loyalty, marketing, media and public affairs research, Ipsos is a global independent market research company committed to driving the industry with innovative, best in class research techniques that are meaningful in today’s connected society.

It’s a win-win, both for the brands and the panelists.

As a panelist, you share your opinion and help with a brand’s  market research. Your opinion is heard. The more you take the surveys, the more i-Say rewards points you earn. And as for the brands, they are able to shape their services or products that cater to the needs of the masses, which in turn, ensures its success! 

Would you like to influence global brands by participating in market research? How about earning some loyalty rewards points and redeeming them for some great prizes while you are at it? 

Ipsos i-Say is the way to go! Joining the club is pretty easy. You can get everything set up in minutes and start taking surveys.  

Ipsos-i-Say Online surveys

Register today to become online survey panelists with Ipsos i-Say in order to have your voices and opinions be heard. And start believing in the power of your own voice…

***This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ipsos. All opinions are 100% mine***

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