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Oh The Web of Lies! #StreamTeam

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Do you ever lie? Invading question, isn’t it? 

You don’t have to answer it though. Let me tell you my story. 

I lie. Mostly white lies to my kids- like “I have no chocolates to give you guys right now”, “Its too cold to  go out and play”, ” Santa is not going to bring you gifts this year if you are going to be this way honey”..etc etc..

Watch Netflix Shows

I have also caught lies told by my little ones from time to time, specially the oldest. Like “I did not break Krista’s (his little sister) toys Mommy”, or “I did not pee in my bed last night” (when I know his bed is soaking wet), “I didn’t make a mess in my room, Krista did” ..and it goes on and on..

While we all know white lies are harmless and sometimes even keep us out of trouble, The Rayburns, from the new Netflix original series, Bloodline, have some dark family secrets they’re willing to do anything to keep from coming out — lying included.

While you may not know the Rayburn clan just yet, The Canadian Press calls Bloodline “a searing family drama.” Starring Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) and set in the Florida Keys, the series follows a family caught between the ugly truth and the terrible lie that covers it up – a storyline that conjuredThe Montreal Gazette to reveal they were“unable to stop watching after one episode.”

Are you watching Bloodline yet on Netflix? Great show, a must watch!

Seems like, Netflix this month has zeroed in all the liars 🙂 They have a great line up of shows related to lying and honesty for inspiration for your viewing pleasure!

Bloodline for one. Then we have movies like Just Go With It and Liar Liar.

Oh, and then there is Pretty Little Liars. All of them, just amazing! 

There are some lying inspired shows for the kids too. Take a look:

                                                  Super Why!: S1,E15: Humpty Dumpty and Other Fairytale Adventures: Pinocchio

Additional Titles for Little Kids

Curious George: S1, E19: Truth about George Burger

Clifford the Big Red Dog: S1, E26: The Kibble Crook

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: S1, E9: The Pothole / Chuck’s Perfect Plans

For Big Kids

Additional Titles for Big Kids

Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!

H2O: Just Add Water

iCarly: S1, E12: iPromise not to Tell

Okay, and in other news, I received my Survival kit from Netflix, this month! Just what I needed, I must add. Like,  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (the newest dark comedy series on Netflix, based on  a 30-year-old woman who had been kidnapped and trapped for 15 years in an underground bunker, now trying to survive in modern New York City) I will now be able to survive in a world  that I don’t recognize anymore…

Watch Netflix Show Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtBefore I let you go, I want to let you in on a little secret! I am so in love with the new Netflix show, Marvel’s Daredevil and the Daredevil himself Charlie Cox.

Have you started watching this one yet? If not, you should! I was always a sucker for Vigilante themed shows and movies.  Cox hasn’t let me down so far (his voice is so enigmatic by the way. There is something about the way he speaks I think. It totally grips you). Gazing at him is my favorite pass time lately and I am already so close to season finale and I don’t want it to end! So, watch with me, alright? 🙂 

So, that’s all for this month from Netflix folks!

Turn on your fun side. Happy Watching everyone 🙂 

****Disclosure: I am one of the Netflix Stream Team Members and this post is sponsored by Netflix Canada. But the opinions expressed in this post are totally my own***



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