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March is for #Lego on Netflix #StreamTeam

Spring is officially here. It means, crisp air, fresh flowers and occasional rain. It also means I am ready to take out garden gloves and digging forks. Kevin and Krista are my loyal assistants in gardening endeavors every year. Be it, raking the ground (they have their own special digging forks), planting the seeds or watering them.

Joy on their cute faces is something to behold when their feet and hands touch the ground and when the loose soil slips through their little fingers. …happiness while gardening is so similar to when they play with Lego. Yup!

Well, Kevin’s love for Lego is not anything new but lately Krista has developed a certain liking towards it as well.

netflix logo

I have Netflix to thank for it. Recently, she acquired Lego Friends (for girls) set from Netflix. Even before she got this, Krista was already watching the show and loving it! So, it was a great surprise for her when the Lego Friends arrived! As we opened the set and started building on the pieces, Krista grew excited and I couldn’t really blame her. After all, I was also watching Friends (Psst..don’t tell anyone) with my daughter and found it too adorable! I could see myself getting addicted to the show if it was around when I was a kid. 

 Lego Friends is the story of five best friends and the adventures they face. This group of girls (Mia, Emma, Olivia, Andrea and Stephanie) goes through life together- its ups and downs, funny and sad moments where true friendship last forever. 

#Lego on Netflix #StreamTeam

That being said, no my son didn’t feel left out at all when Krista was having fun with Lego Friends. He was pretty busy checking out his own Lego Bionicle set, again courtesy of Netflix this month! Bionicle, now playing on Netflix is the story of six legendary heroes. They find themselves on an epic quest to harness the power of natural elements in their effort to defeat evil forces. 

It is a perfect show to watch for my six year old. 

Unboxing Friends and Bionicle Lego was great fun for both my kids! Thank you Netflix for taking this up a notch and sending my kids the Lego sets from their favorite shows.  

Mind you, “Netflix Lego” celebration doesn’t end with these two shows. There are tons of other Lego themed shows to watch and enjoy together as a family. My favorites are Lego movies specially, the Batman..(yes, another one of Mommy’s little secret). All March Break, we were enjoying various Lego themed shows like Legends of Chima, Super Heroes, Ninjago, Elves etc.

As you can see, there is something for everyone! Variety is the spice of life, same goes for Netflix too 😉 No matter which day of the week, Netflix got you covered with the shows you have come to love…

Grab some popcorn and tune in to Netflix today. Discover the next best show for your viewing pleasure! 

***This post is written in partnership with Netflix Canada but the opinions expressed here are my own and honest****



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