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Making ‘Back to School Memories’ with Staples

Back to School Shopping fun with Staples

Back to school season has always had a very special place in my heart. Whether I am thinking about my own back to school experiences or thinking about my children’s, my heart is full of precious memories.

I can still remember as a parent sending my child off to school for the first time how nervous I was. In fact I think I was more nervous than my son was. When we send our kids off for the first time it can be quite scary and exciting at the same time. After all we knew this day was coming, but it sort of seems to sneak up us, does that make sense? They seem so small, and sending them off on the first day feels like you are releasing them into a big, scary, uncharted territory. You worry, you can’t help it!

Creating Back to School Memories with Staples

For us, back to school shopping always help set the tone for the school year. It was sort of a relief actually. Luckily we can help banish the nerves and look forward to all that is good when we do our back to school shopping. Both my five and three year old love perusing the back to school aisles, all brightly colored and full of wonderful learning tools. This year, we took time to swing by Staples to take a look at their Back to School supplies.

Back to School Shopping With Staples

Staples has everything you possibly need to get ready for a new School year. I don’t know what child doesn’t love picking out clean new folders, a fresh box of crayons, fun pencils, and of course whimsical erasers and pencil sharpeners. Just gathering their supplies and marking them with their name seems to evoke a sort of magic that only this time of year can bring. Filling a backpack full of fresh school supplies makes everything feel like the year will be okay, a great one even, because you are starting off prepared. Staples showcased great collection of back to school supplies for reasonable prices and I was so glad to get everything my son needed for his new school year from one place!

Back to School Shopping fun with Staples

And I can’t talk about back to school without recalling the first day the child comes home from school. It seems that every parent wants as many details as possible: Who did you play with? How was lunch? Was recess fun? What is your favorite subject? Was your teacher nice? And it seems that the reply most children give is, “it’s fine!” Pulling out those back to school details can be challenge, but all part of the fun of the back to school experience.

The new school year will be full of many firsts, such as the first school bus ride or reading experience.

I still remember when my children started bringing their favorite books to me, begging me to hear a story and look at some of their favorite pictures. I can remember feeling so warm in my heart knowing that they were developing an appetite to learn more! From preparing school supplies to packing back to school lunches, it seems as though they wanted to be as hands on in the process as I was. I don’t think there is anything funnier than watching a child’s face light up looking at the selection of lunch boxes to pick from. It seems to be such a huge deal to them, and they really want to get it right!

Speaking of school lunches, it may be hard to explain to a child why they can’t pack ice cream in their lunch box, but no doubt packing a fun and healthy lunch together will always be a great memory. As I mentioned just picking out a colorful and character filled lunch box was a blast, and filling it with his favorite foods was the icing on the cake. I think my kids look forward to the little treat most, the item they get to enjoy once all of their regular lunch has been eaten. I myself was the same way! Anyways, the lunch bag I got for my son this year from Staples is definitely a keeper! I hope Kevin is as happy as I am with this pick.

We had great time shopping for Back to School from Staples. We got everything we needed from there in a matter of few hours. Most importantly, my kids were happy and so was I! And for sure, memories of many firsts were made on that day…

Back to School Shopping Fun with Staples

While the back to school season can be a scary and sometimes stressful time, it is so important to remember the magical memories that are being created.   This time in your child’s life will be behind them before you know it, so embrace the chance to create your own back to school memories as well as back to school traditions now. By doing so you can be assured you will look back on these days with a great deal of fondness, and if you are really lucky, so will they!

*****Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Staples*****



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  • Reply
    14 September, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    Staples has everything you need to go back to school. Except clothing of course..
    Terry recently posted…Fit Walking Into Even The Busiest Day ~ Just Walk: Mix & Match Walk Blasters With Leslie SansoneMy Profile

  • Reply
    14 September, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    How wonderful that you made so many back to school memories shopping and getting ready.
    becca recently posted…30 Days of Truth #confession #LifeMy Profile

  • Reply
    14 September, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    The first day really is special, and that stays true all the way until they graduate. 🙂 I’m glad you had a good experience at Staples. That’s one of our favorite places to shop.

  • Reply
    15 September, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    I like that at staples you can get all you need for school AND for your home office and not get side tracked by evverything else at the big “all in one” stores.

  • Reply
    Back to School Ready with Staples
    1 September, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    […] back to out topic at hand- Although, I have started talking to my son about going back to school , I don’t think he has turned off his “vacation mode” yet. How can he, anyway? […]

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