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July is for “Canadiana” at Netflix!

Netflix Canada

Netflix is all about celebrating the great country of Canada in July!

As we observed Canada Day the beginning of this month, Netflix is offering a great line up of Canadian inspired titles  to celebrate and be proud of when it comes to this great nation – wondrous natural beauty, diverse people, and … a great sense of humour!

You would be interested to know that all of the shows this month were either filmed in Canada, take place in Canada, like Are You Afraid of the Dark, or were created here. O Canada!

Check out some “Canadiana” Netflix titles for Big Kids:

Netflix TitlesNetflix Titles to Watch this Month

Netflix Titles

More from the Big kids list…

  1. Johnny Test
  2. Alpha and Omega
  3. Goosebumps
  4. Erky Perky
  5. Eliot Kid

What about small kids, you ask? Rest assured, I found some great shows for the little ones and my son, Kevin picked couple of his favorites from this month 🙂 Here they are!

Netflix Titles

Netflix Titles

Netflix Titles

More titles for the little ones to enjoy:

  1. Franny’s Feet
  2. The Busy World of Richard Scarry
  3. Super Why!
  4. Animal Mechanicals
  5. Monster Math Squad

So, like I said, these are some great shows and we had so much fun spending time with Netflix watching them!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out what Netflix is up to lately, this would be a perfect time to check out their titles with a dash of “Canadiana” 🙂

Have fun!




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