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How to Move to Another Country Permanently

how to move to another country permanently


Ever considered living abroad? At some point, we have all wondered the same. How to move to another country permanently. Definitely a dream for most of us. But humor me. Let’s think about it for a sec.

As the modern mom, not gonna lie, life would be nice with some rewarding experiences to look forward to. Keeps things interesting. 

You’ve got the job, you’ve got the family you’re loving to raise, you’ve got a great home to run day in and day out, and you’re quite happy with your lot in life. But you know there’s further opportunities out there, as well as some great fun to be had by everybody in your family; so why not turn your mind to travelling, on a more permanent basis?

I know! Stop tempting you, right? Right!

But, wouldn’t it be awesome to set down some roots across the pond rather than trying out a summer holiday?

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Of course, that’s a huge thing to ask, but you’ve got quite a few weeks out of the year when the kids are off school and you’ve got the chance to take a break from work… this could be an amazing move to make here! But there’s a very strong chance you’re not yet convinced yet, so let’s look into some more of the reasons living abroad could be the best move right now for you and your family. Here’s your moving internationally checklist, if you will 😉 

How to Move to Another Country Permanently


how to move to another country permanently

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There’s So Much World to See, Start it Young!


One of the important things to do before moving to another country? Start young! When you’re young, your brain is a lot sharper when it comes to soaking up new experiences. Because of that, kids learn more and learn faster, and grow up with a wealth of knowledge that honestly seems to disappear by the time they’re in college. So when it comes to exploring life, and the world we use to live it, the experiences should really be started young!

But at the same time, kids need a sense of stability. And because the world is a big place, much bigger than we know or usually think of, you’re always going to miss out on something every time you come home again. And that means you’re going to require a permanent base elsewhere if you’re looking to always come and go; kids can adapt sure, but we shouldn’t make it hard for them! But then again, you’ve got to find a good place to make your holiday home, and then get enough use of it to make the investment worth it. If you are thinking hard about how to move to another country permanently, this is an important fact to take note of! 

I know, I totally digress! But love this Travel Tree Memorobilia from Etsy. Think a perfect gift for someone you know? 🙂


Think before you act!

So, do you want to go somewhere popular? Do you want somewhere a little more out of the way but good value? Do you want a fixer-upper you can make a more permanent base of operations because home is just a little too stale for you these days? It’s going to take some thought!

For example, you’ve got East Asia as a common contender to consider here. Often known as the ‘Far East’ because of an old-world sense of mysticism, there’s a lot for you to delve into. With so many different cultures and experiences that it can seem impossible to get through them all only as an adult! Not to mention there’s plenty of places for you to sink some money into to make sure you’ve got a proper home away from home whenever you want to come back here, with malaysia real estate investment high up on the list of priorities for high and low-end investors alike for the coming year. And that’s just one choice out of thousands!


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It’s a Good Way to Develop Personalities

Your children are their own people, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. As parents, we encourage these unique personalities to come out and are always around to make sure we can steer someone in the right direction when they’re unsure. But sometimes, your little one’s personality isn’t so obvious or takes some real encouragement to come out. And because of that, a change of scenery might just be the best idea for them…

What better way to introduce this change than to try living in another country? It’s not a hard adjustment when you’re young and have rare attachments with anything except your parents. Plus, it’s going to be a lot easier for your little 6-year-old to learn a new language, and thus they can start teaching you in return! Not to mention how much this skill can help them later on in life.

Being surrounded by different kinds of people in a different culture is something too many people misunderstand. It’s not about sticking out like a sore thumb because you feel you can’t take part, it’s all about trying to fit by always being open to new experiences. And if you can introduce this concept to someone as early on as childhood, they’re going to have a very unique worldview growing up! As a parent, that’s all you want: for your child to be healthy, happy, and successful in what they want.

How to move to another country permanently


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You Can Finally Understand Other Cultures


There’s a lot of debate online over what understanding of a culture is, and how this can quickly move into appropriating something that isn’t yours. But at the end of the day, culture is meant to be shared, as long as it is done respectfully and comes from a place of love and meaning! And when you and your family live abroad, you can easily do this, and set your kids up for life with interesting traditions and customs that keeping to will enrich their time when they’re back home again.

Culture is something that’s been a long time in the making, and as a non-native family living abroad in another country, you can be a part of the future it evolves into. And that is an incredibly exciting idea, don’t you think? A great opportunity for young children to find their feet and their people, and have as much fun as they can whilst they do it!



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If you are thinking about how to move to another country permanently, please know it is not as scary as it sounds. But It does take a lot of thought, preparation and finally a true heart to go after new experiences.  All in all, living abroad will only be a great family move if you decide it’s right for you. But when it comes to considering the pros and cons, it’s a great idea to try!


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If you are considering living abroad and wondering about a moving internationally checklist (IF there is such a thing), bookmark this page for helpful tips. How to move to another country permanently requires a lot of thought and prep. #Traveltips #livingabroad

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