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How to Make Extra Money at Home- A Busy Mom’s Guide

Busy Mom's Guide to Working from Home

We have all struggled to make ends meet at one point or another, and that is why I  share this tips on how to Make Extra Money At Home with you.  Between juggling kids, home and day to day errands, it can be tough for a stay at home mom to make any extra money at home.  These ideas are great ways you can manage to make money while keeping up your busy and fulfilling lifestyle.

How to Make Extra Money at Home- A Busy Mom’s Guide

 How to Make Extra Money at Home- A Busy Mom's Guide

Create passive income with a blog

 If you spend a few hours a week building a blog, you may be able to find a niche that would garner enough traffic to earn you an easy passive income on a blog.  Blogging does require time and work, but some blogs are easy to post to only once a week and schedule out social media for so you can focus on your kids and family while the money comes in from ad revenue.

Take advantage of nap time and early bedtime

Work on at home business ideas like freelance writing, blogging, graphic design or even being a customer service phone representative during nap time and after your kids go to bed at night.  Even if you can only work a few hours a week, it is still more than nothing.

 Try a home based sales business

Multi Level Marketing often gets a bad rap, but it can be a great way for a busy mom to make extra money at home.  There are so many ways to market on social media and through websites that this is an easy thing for a mom to do in her spare time without having to leave her kids or let her schedule get out of control.

Build a business around your lifestyle

Are you a soccer mom?  Offer carpool services for a fee.  Do you menu plan and cook freezer meals in advance for your family?  Offer consulting services to other local moms for the same thing.  Can you coupon and know your local store policies?  Offer an inexpensive course to locals to learn how to do the same thing.

Create a calendar and schedule that is functional

Don’t obligate yourself to more than you can actually manage.  Sit down each month with a calendar and make sure to block off family time, appointments and mandatory meetings or events.  Fill in the blank times with small things for your business so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Include time off and time for education and brainstorming in your calendar.

Busy Mom's Guide to Working from Home
There are literally thousands of home based business ideas that you can choose.  Everything from freelance work, handmade crafts, home baking, graphic design to blogging are all great choices.  How you make the time for them is the hardest part when you have a busy lifestyle.  These basic tips are my busy mom’s guide on how to make extra money at home.  Why? Because no matter what field you choose as your home based business, you’ll need to consider these things for ultimate success.



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