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Google and Netflix? Plus a STRANGE Giveaway! #Streamteam

Stranger Things 2


Hands up if you have NEVER googled! I  must be kidding right? Life is literally impossible if we don’t check in with Google at least 10 times daily.

We all know the Almighty Search Engine brings the entire world to your fingertips. No matter what your queries are. Be it questions about your pets, life or the world in general to some weird ones like Is it healthy to eat boogers, What’s a boyfriend and where can I download one or Can Jesus microwave a burrito?


Google always got answers.

Read on to learn How Google and Netflix work Together for Better Viewing Experience

With Netflix Originals rich in history and complexity, following plot lines may have you turning to Google to search for facts while you watch. Whether you’re getting sucked into the historical dramas of The Crown  or Narcos  and want to learn more about the Royal Family or the infamous cartels, Google is the one to turn to while streaming your favourite Netflix shows. And no it’s not just you–your kids have questions, too. An episode of Justin Time may have them wondering “How far away is the moon?”, while the StoryBots will have them pondering all sorts of riddles like “How do airplanes fly?” and “Why is the sky blue?”.

Watch Netflix and Ask Google Questions

Parents are expected to have the answers to everything, and thanks to Google, you do. Netflix viewers big and small are Googling their favourite shows more than ever.

With their curious minds, it doesn’t take your kids long to turn family movie night into a never-ending session of 21 Questions. Let Google help you take a trip to Motunui with Moana or explore the hidden depths of King Julien’sMadagascan home.

Moana on Netflix

Kids may say the darndest things, but they also ask the hardest questions. Whether it’s the new way they’re learning long division or they’re asking you science questions that seem much more sophisticated than their age (thanks Magic School Bus Rides Again), keep your family TV time moments intact with Google in the palm of your hand.

That being said, wondering what’s new on Netflix?

This October, it’s all about the kids. For the little ones, new episodes of Word Party are now streaming on Netflix, and don’t miss  Super Monsters that is on for your viewing pleasure just in time for Halloween. For the older kids, blast into action with new seasons of Skylanders Academy and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Stranger Giveaway

Aaaand…you won’t want to miss the highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 when the return to Hawkins – and the Upside Down – comes to Netflix on October 27!!!

Stranger Things 2We are swooning over and impatiently waiting for the new season. While we wait Netflix is generously giving away a 3 months Netflix subscription to YOU and one of your friends who doesn’t have Netflix (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t but that is beside the point)! Yay! 


Head on over to my facebook page for giveaway details and complete rules and guidelines. Good luck! 


P.S: What are you currently streaming on Netflix? 🙂

***This post is written in partnership with Netflix Canada, although opinions stated here are my own***




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