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Feel Great with Healtop Natural Living


We are exposed to toxins in our life daily.

It is unsettling to know we are consumed by literally thousands of toxins and chemicals in the food we eat, air we breathe and homes we live in. On any given day, by interacting with toxic pesticides and additives in the environment, we compromise our health.

That being said, there is always hope.

Natural Living Vitamins and supplements at Healtop

Developing good habits, avoiding the junk and choosing nutritious, beneficial foods can go a long way towards improving your health. If there’s something that you tend to crave or overindulge in, it may be a sign that you need to pass it up for a while. Like any change in routine, it can be a bit of a challenge at first, but you might discover it’s well worth the effort once you feel the difference it makes.

While I don’t detox regularly, I take efforts to cleanse myself whenever I can. Yes, I am a sometimes health conscious person. Anyways, I digress.

Reason for my sudden interest in natural wellness is Healtop.

They are a company dedicated to increasing health & wellness through natural, efficient and effective proven supplements, vitamins, and more. If you are interested in natural healing solutions, Healtop might interest you. They advocate a lifestyle of good nutrition, light exercise and the use of safe, natural, effective products. Their product line includes oil blends, skin care, vitamins and supplements, essential oils etc.

I received an opportunity to test Healtop’s Lemon Herbal supplement, Lavender Pure Natural Essential Oil and Easy Flow Women Herbal supplement. So far my experience has been great! I mean, you can never go wrong with trying essential oils or supplements, agree?

Lemon Herbal Supplement

Essential oils are known to clean the body from toxins and support over all health.

By incorporating few drops of  Lemon Herbal Supplement into my diet daily, I am helping to pull toxins out of my cells and flush them from my system. And that is great news for me and I can already feel the difference.

Easy Flow Women Supplement

Easy Flow Women Supplement, on the other hand, supports my urinary system. I do not have issues (yet) in that department however if you are someone who could use the help, doesn’t hurt to try it out.

This is a great supplement, completely natural that sanitizes and supports urine flow. And let’s admit as we get older, urinary tract troubles could be something we may have to deal with, so I say jump start on your supplement girls!

Lavender Pure Natural Essential Oil

However, my favorite on the list is Lavender Pure Natural Essential Oil. Lavender for reasons unknown has always won my heart with its fragrance and calming effect. I always carry the essence in my purse wherever I go and use them liberally whenever I feel like.

But did you also know Lavender heal skin burns, improves skin tone, and improves sleep? That’s right! I can use a ton of help with my sleep as I have a bad case of insomnia. Although you don’t see instant results by using Lavender Essential Oil, with consistent use as directed, you are on your way to experience the promises.

Healtop’ s all natural remedies is certainly a breath of fresh air in today’s toxic packed world. As long as we know there are ways to lower our toxic load with the help of companies like Healtop, there is still a chance we can lead a healthy and natural life style in the midst of it all!

Interested in what Healtop could offer you? Why not visit their website and familiarize yourself?

Healtop Natural living


***Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate the review, however, I only recommend them if it is deemed beneficial to me and my readers.***



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  • Reply
    Wanda Tracey
    20 October, 2017 at 12:23 am

    I would really like to try the Feel Great lemon herbal supplement.I love lemons and drink a lot of lemon infused water so this would be perfect.Thanks for the great post.

  • Reply
    lori galbraith
    1 December, 2017 at 6:43 am

    I think your statement -Developing good habits, avoiding the junk and choosing nutritious, beneficial foods, summed it all up. Those are key.

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