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Easy Valentine Craft Ideas- Cupcake Cup Cupid’s Arrow-Part 3

Easy Valentine Craft Ideas- Cupcake Cup Cupid's Arrow

Cupid is known for his arrow that he shoots at sweethearts in order for them to fall in love. Craft your own cupcake cup Cupid’s arrow using a few simple supplies and in just a few minutes. Kids will love making their own cupid’s arrow. This is one of the  easy Valentine craft ideas that we whipped up this year!

Here is how you can get started creating your own.

Easy Valentine Craft Ideas- Cupcake Cup Cupid’s Arrow

Easy Valentine Craft Ideas- Cupcake Cup Cupid's Arrow

Supplies needed

Cupcake cups (paper, your choice of color and theme)
Red or pink pipe cleaners

Easy Valentine Craft Ideas- Cupcake Cup Cupid's Arrow

Local dollar stores are a source where you could get these supplies and more. You will find that for just a few dollars you can get everything you need to craft multiple arrows. When picking out supplies, feel free to mix and match colors as you wish. Not all children may want pink and red color combos, they may wish for blues, greens, oranges, etc. If so, just go with it and allow them to get creative with the activity. This will allow them to put their own personal spin on the arrow and make the activity more personal to them.

Recommended Supplies from to Make your Valentine Crafting Easy!

 Wilton Valentine Standard Baking Cups, 75 count Wilton Industries 415-2797 100 Count Valentine’s Day Heart Mini Baking Cups, Assorted Rimobul Creative Arts Chenille Stem Class Pack,6 mm x 12 Inch, Pack of 100 (Pink)


1. Begin by pressing your cupcake cup in half. It will take on a half moon shape. If you wish to layer several cups together, that is fine too. It will allow your “end feather” to look more full.

Easy Valentine Craft Ideas- Cupcake Cup Cupid's Arrow

2. Poke a hold in the center of the cupcake cup and run the pipe cleaner through it. Take the cup down to the end. Gently bend the end in to hold the cup in place.

3. Use your scissors to trim the edge of the cupcake cup. You want to give it a ruffled look so it looks like feathers.

4. Bend a small segment of pipe cleaner into a triangle. This will go on the end of your pipe cleaner. Attach the triangle to the end of the pipe cleaner and bend so it stays in place.

Your cupcake cup Cupid’s arrow is now complete.

See how easy that was? Like I said in the beginning, one of the easy Valentine craft ideas from this year! You can try making your own using various colors and theme combinations. And as you can see, these can be crafted with cheap materials making them a frugal activity to enjoy. You can try making these at home with your kid’s as a fun activity or enjoy them with a classroom party.

Get into the spirit of the Valentine’s Day season when you give these and inexpensive cupcake cup Cupid’s arrows a try!



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