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Canadian Star Power on Netflix! #StreamTeam

Canada Day has come and gone.

We are one more year closer to celebrating the amazing 150th birthday of our great country! It is a privilege to be living here and I cannot be anymore prouder in identifying myself as a Canadian. It was fun to take part in the festivities on July 1st and our family had a great time celebrating all that is Canada on that beautiful sunny day. 


#HappyCanadaday all!

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Kids did face painting and ran after red and white balloons at the fair in Georgetown. We attended the fair with family friends so between our two families, we had a handful of kids. The festivities included some games, notable mention goes to Duck race, yeah! It was fun and exciting.


#Canadaday activities! #Duckrace it is! #kidsofinstagram #kidsactivities

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You buy these rubber ducks for $5 and it is send to the little river that flows around the park. The first 10 ducks that cross the finishing line wins and whoever has got their names tagged to the winning rubber duckie wins! Yay!

Fyi, we didn’t win but it was great to be a part of the race and cheer our cute little ducks all the way 🙂 

We packed up at the end of the day. Ride home was relaxing. Kids were pretty exhausted and it was a surefire way to ease into much needed nap. I let them close their eyes a bit for there was more fun waiting at home. They needed their energy. Netflix had rest of the Canada day celebrations planned for the little ones with some great Made in Canada shows!

netflix logo

In addition to community events, fireworks, maple syrup and duck race, Canada Day celebrations are not complete with some amazing Canadian star power on screen. 

Kevin is into Super Why these days and I thought it is ideal to tune into the show that evening. Why? Because it was produced by a Canadian Studio! 

Super Why!

After watching it for a bit, like a good boy he agreed that Krista should watch her current favorite, Caillou-again, produced by a Canadian studio.


Awesome, isn’t it? I love when my kids accommodate and respect each other’s wishes this way! May be, it was the effect of Canada Day, the charm of being a Canadian at heart- polite and respectful 🙂 

Later that night after putting kids to sleep, I decided to celebrate Canada Day in style with a glass of wine and the movie, About Time starring Rachel McAdams, a fellow Canadian. 

About Time

If you like time travelling and love, this would be a movie you may want to add to your watch list! I loved it! But again, with wine nothing can go wrong, you see? 😉 

So that was our Canada day. It was memorable spent with close family and friends, topped up with Netflix  like cherry on top!  

Curious to check out shows with Canadian ties on Netflix? 

Stop by today and see what else is streaming these days 🙂
Happy watching all! 
***Disclosure: MomLess Mom is a member of Netflix Stream Team Canada and this post is written in partnership with them. All opinions expressed here are our own and it is honest***



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