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Avacado Egg Wraps Recipe

Avacado Egg Wrap Recipe

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here in Toronto, we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day with a high of 18! Its been so long since we have been blessed with this kind of weather as you can imagine….To celebrate, I am going to share with you a yummy breakfast (or lunch or dinner.. 😉  ) recipe! 

As always, this one is very easy to make. Most of the ingredients, you may already have in your kitchen. Well, may be except the Avacado, that is  🙂 Spinach adds a healthy twist to this recipe and it is a great way to sneak in some goodness into your kids’ diet. Awesome, right?

So, have a look and make a batch of your own today!

Avacado Egg Wrap Recipe

Avacado Egg Wrap Recipe


Makes 2- 8 inch wraps and it is great for one breakfast or lunch serving for a family of four with the appropriate sides that you deem fit!


Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

1 avocado

2 boiled eggs

Handful of spinach

2 8 inch tortillas 


Place wrap onto plate and lay down the spinach in the middle of it.

Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

Sprinkle on 1 cubed boiled egg onto the spinach.

Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

Sprinkle on desired cubed avocado and then sprinkle some salt on top.

Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

Repeat the same process for the second wrap.

Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

Slice in half and enjoy!

Avacado Egg Wrap Breakfast Recipe

You are free to change the recipe around anyway you like to add yummy twists that your family will love! Come back and tell me what you changed in this Avacado Egg Wrap recipe and how your family enjoyed it 🙂 Happy Cooking! 



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    Oh well, NOW I know what I want for LUNCH today!!
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