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Woodland Fairy Party Supplies

Woodland Fairy Party Supplies

Everyone loves fairies.

I have some great ideas for a Woodland fairy theme party and I am going to share them with you. Usually, this goes on my other site, All Theme Parties. It is a place where I cook up all the party ideas. But thought I would break that habit for just this once by posting about Woodland Fairy Party Supplies here.

Woodland Fairy Party Supplies are perfect for making your next party absolutely delightful.  Fairy parties are perfect for celebrating birthdays, special events or just because.  Little girls, boys and adults will all love the fairy theme, and these supplies are going to make it the perfect event for sharing dainty tea sandwiches and cookies with your friends and family in style.

Woodland Fairy Party Supplies

Woodland Fairy Party Supplies

Miniature Everything

 While you’ll want to serve on regular plates, or at least saucer sized plates – everything for a woodland fairy party should be in miniature.  Fairies are of course teeny tiny adorable figments of our imagination and should be celebrated in miniature.  Mini muffins, mini cookies, mini finger sandwiches and mini forks or spoons are all part of the fun woodland fairy party supplies you’ll want to have.

Meri-Meri Party Supplies

 Looking far and wide the best set of woodland fairy style party supplies found have to be these Meri-Meri products.  They are whimsical, cute and definitely reminiscent of a rustic yet beautiful woodland fairy.   

 Meri Meri Flower Fairies 7-Inch Meri Meri Flower Fairies Party

They have plates, banners, napkins and an adorable cupcake set.  Accentuate with matching solid colors for a beautiful table.

Pixie Dust

Whether you make your own by adding glitter and sand to a cute bottle, or purchase it already made to hand out to guests this is a must.  Everyone knows that fairies are magical creatures.  Making sure you have their special dust around is a must.


 Real can be used, but most likely you’ll want some fake mushrooms.  Plastic, glass, ceramic or even just cardboard cutouts.  Mushrooms are a great addition to your table or displays to make them seem much more realistically woodland fairy.  Check out local thrift shops and yard sales in advance for cute old school mushroom knick knacks for just a few pennies or dollars for a great inexpensive party supply. 

 SuperMoss (22420) InstantGreen Moss Mat, 6pcs Set Fairy Sparkles Glitter Meri Meri Fairy Magic Cupcake

Don’t forget the moss

 To set up a cute woodland fairy party you have to have moss.  Add to the tables, on rocks in corners of the room, or around display pieces.  Moss is a must for a fairy garden, so is a definite addition to a woodland fairy party supplies list.

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These are the best woodland fairy party supplies to make your next tea party or birthday event spectacular.  From serving the perfect tea cakes in miniature form, to creating beautiful displays that could double as fairy gardens, this is a perfect list to get your started.

P.S: Read more about throwing a Woodland Fairy Party in style here at my friend Katie’s blog. I especially like her edible mushrooms. 

Marshmallow Mushrooms

Image Courtesy: Homespun Hydrangea

Aren’t they so yummy looking? 

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    What a cute idea! You really get the fairy theme down to the last detail – I love that you add miniature snacks and fairy dust. Thanks for sharing!

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