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November is ending too soon I feel. We witnessed the first occurence of snow flurries and the temperature dipping down to minus digits- if not double digits) this month. Kevin turned three years old the same month and started going to play school like a grown up boy. Krista is still daring as ever in trying out solid foods but I must say that not so adventerous as Kevin in that area. She is these days a bit more bubbly in talking and making various faces at her Mommy- happy face, confused face,sad face, surprised face to name a few. And Mommy loves them all!  Too many milestones to speak about my kids in this November of 2012. 
                   So, what now, you ask? Yes, what is approaching is your favorite time of the year- The Holiday season- A time of celebration and festivities. That being said, soon we all have to face that task of “Project Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family” in December. Do you like this mission? I do. I love to research on the gift ideas for our loved ones which includes hunting both online and in stores for that perfect “something”that could potentially lit up their faces when unwrapping the surprises under the christmas tree. But sure it does take a long time to figure out what is most appropriate and useful in gifting to the people you love. Infact making a decision on what to gift is the hardest task of all and for that reason, it is challenging. But at the end of the day, if your thoughful gifts can bring up smiles and happiness to someone you care for, I would say, its all worth it. And these days, there are various resources available around you to make gift hunting easier. To name a few would be online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay,, etc to name a few. Some of them even do have free shipping available to trim down on your overall costs as well. It is also easier in the sense that you do not have to endure the crowds at the shopping mall and time consuming line ups in the cashier’s counter to claim what you need for gifting. At the same time, you can still browse and shop from the comfort of your home and buy the gifts that really count for your loved ones. But I am sure some people still do favor more traditional way of shopping and do not mind the time that they would spend in the mall or stores just for the experience of it. And I am not against it either. Specially, now at the start of December when the stores are just starting to get busy with the holiday fervor, it is a good time to widen our horizons and get out and about for a good cause- in search of the Perfect Gift for  Christmas of 2012. Cheers to that and Good Luck Shopping!



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