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6 Ways to Save Money on After School Sports

6 Ways to Save Money on After School Sports

These unique ways to save money on after school sports are going to keep you in budget while making sure your kids get to participate in their favorite things.  Sports can be a wonderful way to build confidence, increase fitness and make friends.  Unfortunately it can be very costly to both the school and parents.  If your school doesn’t cover the bulk of costs, then you will have to take advantage of these tips for great savings on after school sports fees and equipment.

Six Ways To Save Money On After School Sports

6 Ways to Save Money on After School Sports

Join a team outside the school district

Sometimes it is actually much less expensive to enroll your kids in sports through things like Upward or the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  They still get to have the team sports experience, make friends and get extra exercise, but the cost is much lower than a school affiliated team.

Buy second hand uniforms and equipment

 Uniforms and some supplies and equipment can easily be picked up from second hand stores, online classified or from older students and former team members at much lower costs.  This is a great way to stretch your budget and save on after school sports.

Participate in carpools with other parents

  Driving back and forth to practices and games can cost a lot of extra money in gas.  Arrange a great carpool with other parents so everyone takes turns driving kids.  If you have 4-5 parents participating it can save tons of money and time by the end of the season.

Host fund raiser projects for the team

Everything from selling candles and cookie dough, to hosting a car wash or spaghetti supper at the school can all make tons of money in the community to help pay for equipment, uniforms, supplies and funds to get the team members to and from practices and events.

Buy in bulk

  Uniforms, equipment and team supplies can be purchased in bulk through a local vendor for much less than some of the national equipment vendors or individual purchases n a retail store might be.  Check local vendor prices to see what kind of bulk discounts are offered.

Look for sponsors

Most sports teams outside school districts have sponsors to help offset costs.  Look for great local businesses to help pay for your team equipment and travel costs in exchange for a sign or mention at each game.  You can even add their logo to your uniforms if desired.

These unique ways to save money on after school supplies will keep your budget in check while giving your kids the much needed opportunities to participate in sports that they need and want.  No need to avoid letting them sign up when you have these great tips to help you manage the expenses this year.




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