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Time to Play Christmas Playlists Like a Bose! #SoundsOftheHolidays

Music has always played an important role in my life…I used to sing all the time in my tween and teen years and taking part in music competitions was almost a hobby those days. I had this thing of hunting down the lyrics for my newly found favorite songs and creating playlists constantly. It doesn’t stop there though.My playlist will go to waste if I can’t perform them at the first chance I get before an audience.

Call me shameless but before you do, get this too! I have even stopped a spiritual retreat on its tracks by jumping upon the stage to grab the mic from the lead choir singer! For what? So that, I can give an earful of a new devotional song that just hit the market to the devotees assembled there! Who else can appreciate the hard work and dedication that I put in by lending my beautiful voice to sing a deeply spiritual song that has the potential to take my fellow devotees’ devotion to new heights???  Ha! My impatience and arrogance knew no bounds then.I have got to be kidding you, right? Wrong. This is true. And “Shameless” is the word! And no, I won’t mind at all 😉

Time to Play Christmas Playlists Like a Bose!, Christmas Songs

But jokes aside, let me tell you this, again! Music has always played an important role in my life. It had the power to perk me up and lift up my spirits from the darkest dungeons of mood swings in no time. Be it singing or listening to someone else singing (yes, I did give chances occasionally to others as well to sing while I was around 😉 ) Music always did its magic. It had the ability to transform me instantly to a better place and turn all the sadness to joy in one flick. Classical is my all time go to but melodies in general will get my attention regardless of the language.

Over the years, my tactless ways and need to perform for others has worn out but creating playlists is still one of the things I do best. There is always music at play in my house whenever I am around-on the laptop, my phone, tablet and oh, let’s not forget the stereo people! Heck, there is our good old alarm clock radio too 🙂 What is it? Yeah! “Abundance” is the word…

Back to School Shopping fun with Staples

So, when I got an opportunity to work with Staples and review one of their awesome speakers-in this case, Bose SoundLink Mini,the first thing that hit my mind is “Playlists”. How so? Well, now I can hear all my songs on various playlists wherever I go! I can take my beloved mini Bose with me in my purse or backpack or a messenger bag and open up the doors wide to music like never before! You wouldn’t believe, the ‘little Bose’ is so small that it will fit in the palm of your hand! I know, right? How wonderful!

Time to Play Christmas Playlists Like a Bose!, Christmas Songs

This ultra compact speaker with its Bluetooth technology connects wirelessly to my smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device I own. And the kind of music it delivers is deep, unexpectedly full and  natural… This is all like a dream come true for a Music Lover!

So, in order to celebrate, I went ahead and created a couple of playlists specially for the holiday season!I am playing my #SoundsOftheHolidays playlist over and over and over here as we speak!

Time to Play Christmas Playlists Like a Bose!, Christmas SongsAnd I have Staples to thank for providing me with this fantastic opportunity to enjoy music in style with all new Bose SoundLink Mini.

Now my holidays will be filled with high definition Christmas songs and I can play them wherever I want! My Bose will go wherever the party is 🙂 In fact, Bose SoundLink Mini will make a great holiday gift for the Music Lover on your list, don’t you think? 🙂

Listen to my Christmas Playlists on YouTube and Spotify and I will guarantee that you will get into Christmas spirits in no time!

Happy Holidays 🙂

****Disclosure: I have received product(s) free from Staples to facilitate a review. Regardless, opinions stated here are my own and it is honest in its entirety****



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