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Christmas Crafts: Wrapping Paper Tree

The other day, we initiated some christmas decorations at home. Daddy put up christmas lights in the porch and flanked the door with christmas wreaths (they look awesome!). Mommy erected the christmas tree with all the 700 lights turned on and decorated with all kinds of ornaments, with the help of her loyal assistant, Kevin.  It was a joy to see his tiny face brightly lit up when the tree was finally put in place completed with all the accessories. I proudly watched Kevin as he handed me the ornaments to hang upon the tree. He was all business!
                                    We went to see Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus last weekend and took pictures with them. Kevin was so fascinated by the imposing apperance of the “Red Man” but never too scared to sit on his lap upon his invitation for the much awaited photo session. Krista in her usual coolness assessed the situation and refused to be intimidated by the regality of it all. My pride knew no bounds and I smiled relentlessly at the cute photo we took with Santa of North Pole. A perfect Family Photo for Christmas!
     This year is Krista’s first Christmas
and she seems impatient to jump into the fun of it. The outfit I bought for her for the big day is eye catching. I settled with Joe Fresh with its traditional colors of red and black for the season- a blazer style red jacket with a gold button (sigh) and black tights with red patterns! She looks super cute in it! But I am yet to buy Kevin’s attire. It has to be special as well and choices are too many. The usual shopping spots for me for his cloths are Children’s Place, Oshkosh, Gymboree and so on. But this time, I might do something different-a little grown up style for a change since my little guy is growing up every day. My thoughts are on Tommy Hilfiger. I need to pay a visit to the store soon.
             Then ofcourse the shopping for the gifts which Kevin and Krista would receive from “Santa” this year (wink) from under the tree. I have already started on it and it will be a race against time I am sure. But it is fun and I enjoy each and every minute of it, honest. I tell you, Holiday Season is the best of all!




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