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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For A First Time Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For A First Time Mom

Every year someone will be celebrating for the first time that they are a mother.  Here are some great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For A First Time Mom that are sure to make that new mom feel loved, celebrated and appreciated.  

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For A First Time Mom

A Day off to be Pampered

 Every woman needs a day off to be pampered.  Breakfast in bed, all of the chores handled and the time and money to go out of the house for coffee, lunch with friends, a day of window shopping or getting a pedicure are all great ways to show her she is loved.  Being appreciated for all she does starts with realizing she needs time to herself as well.  Just because she needs a break, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love or care about her family.  In fact, having time off from daily duties can energize and renew a new mom.

Memorial Jewelry Piece

 Jewelry isn’t a cliché. It is a great way to memorialize many parts of motherhood.  A mother’s ring, a special necklace or a locket with her child’s image in or on it are great gifts. I love this piece!

 Gold and Silver MOM with Angels Brooch Pin Mother’s Day Gift 2

There are also many types of lockets like Origami Owl that give you multiple ways to personalize for the individual mom and her child.

A Makeover

 Whether the new mom is struggle with baby weight, or simply being covered in baby spit up or dirty diapers she can always use a makeover.  That can be a haircut and style, some special makeup or a whole new wardrobe.  Let her choose, or surprise her with a day that her friends can take her for some special treatment.  A new mom often struggles with self esteem.  With her body changing during pregnancy, it can be tough to feel good when you are exhausted during the first year after your baby is born.  

A Photo Shoot

 Family pictures, or just pictures of her child will be a great way to show appreciation and love for the new mom.  A surprise photo shoot of her child that you can have framed and share with her is a perfect way to show her what she is working so hard for, as well as how much she means to you.  

Surprise Romantic Weekend Away

  It is hard for a new mom to connect with her spouse when they are busy taking care of bills and their kids all the time.  Arranging for a romantic night or weekend away will help her to feel appreciated, loved and special.  Make the weekend one full of pampering, romantic  meals and look into something special that she would enjoy like a play, a night out dancing or even simply a hot tub and flowers.

New mothers everywhere will be thrilled with any of these great Mother’s Day gift ideas for a first time mom.  As you can tell, most of these gifts center around what you can do to give that new mom a break from her daily struggles.  One of the most important things to remember about that first year after giving birth is how tired and run down a first time mom will feel.  Giving them options to get away from it all will help them to feel understood, appreciated and loved.




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