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Homemade Valentine Crafts-Part 2

What do you get when you mix and old soup can a some colorful scrapbook paper? A Valentine’s Day treat holder of course! You can create homemade Valentine crafts in a jiffy like this Valentine’s Day treat holder you see here. All it takes is just a few steps and in just a few minutes. Do you have kids in the house? This is no doubt a craft that they will enjoy trying out as well!

Homemade Valentine Crafts-Upcycled Soup Can Treat Holder

Homemade Valentine Crafts-Upcycled Soup Can Treat Holder

Making  homemade Valentine crafts is easy; just take a look at the instructions for this specific one below to get started. Perfect for storing your Valentine’s Day candy, treats, and even flowers in, this treat holder is the perfect craft for this time of year.

Here is how you can get started on making one of your own homemade Valentine crafts.

Supplies needed

A Momless Mom Recommended Products from to Make this Valentines Day Craft!

 Foam Stickers 90/Pkg-Valentine Hearts Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Open Book Patterned Paper Pad, 12 by 12-Inch

Empty soup can (Any size can will work!)
Scrap book paper
Foam craft hearts
Ribbon in your choice of color

Homemade Valentine Crafts-Upcycled Soup Can Treat Holder

You can find everything you need here at your local craft store. For the soup can, simply check your recycling bin. Look for a can that is clean, free from sharp edges, and in decent shape. For the paper and hearts, choose anything that has a Valentine’s Day theme or color scheme.


1. Begin by wrapping the scrapbook paper around the can and trimming it to fit. You can toss any extra paper or saving for crafting scraps. Apply some glue to secure it to the can. Press the paper to the can until dry and secure.

Homemade Valentine Crafts-Upcycled Soup Can Treat Holder
2. Apply some glue to the foam hearts. Press them to the front of the can in any form or combination you wish. You can layer as we did or do your own combination.

3. Tie the length of ribbon round the top of the can. Tie into a bow or loop. If you wish to secure it with glue, feel free.

Your Valentine’s Day soup can treat holder is now ready to be used. As mentioned you can fill it up with candy, treats, love notes, or even flowers. It is the perfect way to give an old soup can a second life, and a perfect way to get into the spirit of the season!

Gather your supplies and give one of our homemade Valentine crafts a try. This upcycled soup can treat holder will sure to become a hit in your home.  They are a festive and frugal way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your children!



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