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Holiday Gift Guide for Electronics for the Entertainment Lover

Everyone has someone on their holiday shopping list who is a lover of all things entertainment. This person would love to stay on top of everything happening in the world of media, entertainment and electronics. They want to get their hands on the latest gadgets, wants in on the trending streaming technology that everyone is talking about, and would probably go out of their way to get tickets to the next big event hitting the town. 

You know, who I am talking about, right? Good! Well, I have some ideas for your holiday shopping geared towards that entertainment lover on your list. Now, the word “entertainment lover” is quite wide and could include anyone who is keen on electronics. They simply love the sleekness of gadgets and the convenience of world on their finger tips! They believe in having a good time and make the most out of life with the help of technology that is ever growing…

They are gadget lovers, movie lovers, music lovers or avid readers. Without further ado, let me present to you,

Holiday Gift Guide for Electronics for the Entertainment Lover

Holiday Gift Guide (2)

The items listed on this Gift Guide are tried and tested by me so I know it works 100% for the Entertainment Lover. Hello, because I am one! So chances of getting this wrong is next to nothing, rest assured.

Bose SoundLink Mini (For the Music Lover)

Its no secret that I am a music lover! I grew up singing in church choirs and had a thing for competitive music. Last year, I worked with Staples on their Christmas campaign and got an opportunity to test Bose SoundLink Mini. 

bose soundlink Mini

Goodness, it was so small in size, but the kind of music it delivered was deep, unexpectedly full and  natural… Heck, it fitted the palm of my hand so perfect! And I fell in love with music all over again…Read more about my experience here and go get one asap!

Kobo Aura H20 (For the Avid Reader)

A book worm on your holiday shopping list and you have exhausted all gift ideas for this one already? Fear no more! Kobo recently released their top of the line ereader called Kobo Aura H20. Now, if your avid reader is also a great swimmer and spend much of their time in water, this would be a perfection of gift! Now, I own one but I am not a swimmer or anything. I can’t see myself falling asleep floating in water with my ereader in hand.

 Kobo Aura H2O 6.8-Inch Comfort Light, Water Resistant E-Reader (Black)

But I do love other features of H20 that is simply not comparable to its previous versions. Customizing it to suit the user is easy-the user can choose from 10 different fonts as well as 24 sizes so creating your ideal margin is a breeze. Also able to keep track of what you’re reading, your average reading speed, create notes and more, the uses for the Auro H2O are limitless. Craving to know more, here are some additional details

Apple Ipad Mini (For the Gadget Savvy)

Now, I know Ipad is getting updated crazy like anything these days. Mini is almost redundant at this point. But hey. older the model lesser the price 🙂 I am confidant enough to include the model I own on the Holiday Gift Guide because I know this one is a keeper. I have owned my Mini for a year and loving it so far. As a blogger, I spend more than half of my day online. My Ipad helps me stay connected online while I am mobile and on the go. I can do pretty much anything with it except making calls. Oh, but don’t forget Face time 😉

iPad Mini Review

With its impressive 7.9 inch display the Apple iPad 16GB is perfectly sized to let you do anything and everything you love to do. Using apps, browsing the web, watching videos and picture viewing all come out crystal clear and sharp on the brilliant display thanks to a resolution of 1024×768. You can guarantee that with such a clear display, squinting will be a thing of the past with this iPad model. Make your decision with this one, may be after you read my review

Netflix (For the Entertainment Lover)

Umm..I could be a little biased here if you know my relationship with this awesome brand. But since they did not pay me to include them in my Holiday Gift Guide, it counts for something, yes?

netflix logo

My partnership aside, let me tell you this: a Netflix subscription is the ultimate gift you could give to the Entertainment Lover on your list. You CANNOT go wrong, no sir! I am a happy customer of Netflix for the past 2 years and as an Entertainment Lover, it was one of the best things that has happened to me and my family. There is something for everyone- all my kids’ favorite shows are always streaming on Netflix. My binge watching has reached new heights after Netflix entered my life. Even my husband, who is a hard one to please has found gems in Netflix world. So you see, no matter how diverse the interests are, all your Entertainment Lover’s needs will be covered with a thoughtful Netflix subscription. Shop here

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Roku 3 Streaming Device ( Entertainment Lover Gifts continued…)

Now, if the person on your list has a Netflix subscription already, breathe easy. Do they have a good streaming device to go along with it? Let’s hope not. Originally we used to stream with our Wii. It worked fine except we didn’t know what we were missing out without Roku3. One of the best streaming media devices in the market today,   Roku Inc. is the leader of streaming entertainment devices, if you ask me. Roku believes that anything you want, whatever television show, movie or app, should be readily available to you on your television, whenever you want it. 

 Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (4230R) with Voice Search (2015 model)

It has over 2,000 channels to choose from. Movies, television shows, music and more are at your disposal with just the click of a button! You’ll never hear another complaint that there isn’t anything on to watch. Read more of my Roku 3 review here and decide for yourself if this a great addition to your holiday shopping list! 

There you have it my friends, Holiday Gift Guide for Electronics for the Entertainment Lover. This list is by no means comprehensive on the topic as I only added gift ideas that I have some sort of experience with. This is a good starting point if you are wracking your brain thinking about gift ideas for that loved one who thrives on technology and fun!

Glad to be of assistance. Happy shopping!  

P.S: Interested to check out my other gift guides? Check it out here and here



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