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For the Love of Kids

My three year and old and seven months old give me an ache fueled with love every time I look at them. Their sweetness makes my eyes well with tears and heart swell with pride. At one point in my life, having kids was certainly not in my agenda considering the trouble I had to take in their creation and the sacrifices that I would have to make in taking care of them. How naive I had been then..! At thirty-two, when I look back to that point of time, I almost laugh at myself for the folly of the thought that crossed my mind.

Back to School Memories

My children are the greatest joy of my life. I revel in them and take pride in their creation and marvel at their beauty. They teach me something new every day. They teach me not to take anything in life for granted and most of all enjoy and treasure simple things in life. I am celebrating them while living my life. I am going to make sure that I don’t miss a single moment in their life, take part in their happiness and various milestones and listen to their heart beating as long as I am able to. That’s why I am here. I will try to catalogue our life’s moments together and keep a record of the wonderful and special things that will come along our way. I hope the Moms among you will agree and stay with me on this journey just to see and witness the kind of life that it would be for us and to celebrate the kids in our lives…



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