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I am not a full blown food blogger….

Yes, I do post recipes on my blog often and take part in food bloggers link ups and round ups whenever I could but I have never thought of myself as a food blogger..well, at least not until Yummly came along. 

Yummly fell into my lap one day after one of my readers or blogger friends (still don’t know who introduced me to Yummly. Who ever you are, please know that  I really thank you for taking time to share my content )shared a recipe post of mine in this food lovers platform. That day, my highest traffic came from Yummly and I decided to check them out.

What happened next was pleasantly surprising.

Image Courtesy-Yummly


First off, I was so impressed with how the website looked. So many recipes to choose from, Yummly ‘s  unique search filters allow you to find the perfect recipes by holiday, cuisine, taste, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, technique, and more โ€“ so the recipes you find first are the right ones.

As a user, you can set your taste preferences so that Yummly can recommend the recipes you love. 

That is not all. You can search through over a million recipes from across the web (and world) and save your favorites to your recipe box with one easy click of the Yum button. Sharing your favorite recipes is easier than ever with Yummly ‘s powerful platform!  This is great for a Yummly publisher like me as the readers find my recipes faster in more ways than one. 

There is more. Are you ready to hear about the most interesting feature of Yummly ?

Yummly will let you discover recipes to make right now with what you have on hand using their helpful โ€œwithโ€ and โ€œwithoutโ€ filters! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

So if you do not have enough ingredients to cook a certain dish, no problem. There is always a recipe on Yummly that you can use to create with what you already have! Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel right at home with Yummly. Belonging to a community that shares similar interests is simply a blessing and I am thankful for the creators of Yummly for providing a place for us food bloggers to share our creations…

Wait! Did I just call myself a food blogger? Guess, I did! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So all you food bloggers and food lovers! Check out Yummly today for all your recipe needs. There is a lot to see there ๐Ÿ™‚ I promise!




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