Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Summer birthdays are a fabulous time because you can get outside and enjoy that warm day without having to clean-up after the birthday party has occurred. Although, my little girl’s birthday is not in summer, thought it would be still great to share a few creative Summer birthday party ideas for girls so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party! Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls 1. Everything Pink Birthday Theme  If your little girl loves the color pink, then take full advantage of this stage with an everything pink birthday theme. Try to make sure that all portions of her birthday party are in nothing but pink, right down to the cake and frosting. Have pink seating, pink décor, pink gifts for the guests and even pink colored activities.   2. Under The Sea  Think about Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” when it comes to planning this under the sea adventure themed birthday party for your girl. Use a color theme of blues, whites and other neutral colors you would see outside as well as shells, mermaids and other sea creatures for décor as you watch your girl’s eyes light up from amazement!   RELATED: Summer … Continue reading Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls