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Busy Weeknight Meals Made Easy with Hello Fresh


I am the world’s worst planner ever! Aarrgh!

I hate everything about planning and organizing. And cooking? Well, let’s just say the kitchen is not my happy place. I would rather be elsewhere than chopping and prepping¬†food.

Busy Weeknight Meals Made Easy with Hello Fresh

Make Weeknight Meals with Hello Fresh

I do love to develop recipes and come up with new meal ideas but doing it every day? No way!  It would be awesome if food magically appears on our dinner table each night after a long day at work.

My disposition towards planning and cooking goes hand in hand with a third pet peeve which is grocery shopping.¬† Yep! No grocery lines for me. That’s the reason why my Husband does most of the grocery shopping in our house. Spare me the boring price match, tough grocery decisions and ridiculously¬†long lineups.

These cold hard facts are a challenge when it comes to preparing healthy meals for my family on a daily basis. It is stressful planning the menu, make a list of items to buy, shop the groceries (yuck) and then cook (geez!) So you see, how I WOULD NOT survive doing this regularly?

Is there hope for people like me? If this is the question¬†popping in your mind, I won’t blame you. Because I wondered about that too for a very long time.

This was before Hello Fresh made grand entrance into my life! Oh hello delicious meals, easy recipes, and NO grocery shopping! Say what??

Busy Weeknight Meals Made Easy with Hello Fresh! #HelloFreshLife #HelloFreshCA Click To Tweet

To those who live under the rocks, Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivery service who just “gets” busy families like us. If you are tired of same old dinners day in and day out, Hello Fresh delivers everything you need to make restaurant quality meals at home in record time (30 minutes or under).

Hello Fresh and MomLess Mom

Recently, we received an¬†opportunity to enjoy their “Family Plan” that included 3 delicious meals- Crispy Chicken Parmigiana, Greek Shrimp Saganaki and Mustard Pork Chops. Oh my! They were truly picture perfect and Instagram worthy meals!¬† Delicious and packed with nutrition.

All the ingredients came neatly packed in a Hello Fresh box complete with recipe cards and information on calories.  I loved that Hello Fresh was thoughtful to add neat tips on recipes for me to follow to make the best out of each meal.

A word about Hello Fresh Boxes

They are made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard from Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable sources. So it is easy to just fold them up and put out with my regular household recycling.


The ice packs that come inside the box contains 99% water and recyclable plastic. You can either save them for your next family picnic or dispose them by dissolving the contents down the sink with hot water.

Coming back to healthy and delicious Hello Fresh meals, it was surprising how my kids gobbled down their¬†food without any bribes or threats from my part! Our dinner times didn’t get nasty with the battle of wills, tantrums and tears as it usually¬†does. It was peaceful as everyone was so focused on cleaning up their plates! Just what I need on a weeknight- hassle-free dinners and quality family time. Thank you Hello Fresh!

Wanna try a Hello Fresh box and say hello to Inspiration,  Convenience and Deliciousness? Apply VINMA40 at check out and you get 40% off! 


***We received a Hello Fresh Box free of cost to facilitate an honest review. Opinions stated here are all our own***





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  • Reply
    23 November, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    I’ve been hearing about these meal kits and I think they sound like they would really help with dinner time stress, no worry about what to make!

  • Reply
    Jenn Erin
    28 November, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    I would love to try out Hello Fresh. I’ve been trying to be good with meal planning but sometimes I’ll run out of meal ideas or don’t have time to go to the grocery store. Hello Fresh sounds like it would help us out a lot! The meals you got sound amazing too.

  • Reply
    Veronica Lee
    1 January, 2018 at 6:38 am

    I’d love to try Hello Fresh. I hate meal planning and don’t get me started on the chopping and dicing and shopping and ….
    Veronica Lee recently posted…SnoopyMy Profile

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