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Best Media Streaming Devices-Roku 3 Review

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player Review

In search of best media streaming devices? Roku 3 is the answer you are looking for! Let me tell you why I recommend it.

There isn’t a person I know who doesn’t indulge in their favorite television shows at least one time or more throughout the week. Whether they’re man, woman, baby or child, more often than not they have a show or show(s) that are the single most exciting occurrence of their week. More times than not there’s a clash in the household when one person’s show collides with another’s much anticipated movie and someone is left missing out on their block of television time. I myself have been on the losing end of one such battle and had to resort to waiting until the episode aired again, sometimes hours or days later. These days, thankfully, there are features and devices that makes streaming movies and catching up on your favorite shows as easy as pretty a button or two.

When I was given the opportunity to try Roku 3,  I was stoked. The Roku 3 was just the thing my family and I needed. One of the best streaming media devices in the market today,   Roku Inc. is the leader of streaming entertainment devices, if you ask me. Roku believes that anything you want, whatever television show, movie or app, should be readily available to you on your television, whenever you want it. If you are a regular visitor to my site, you may know I am one of the Netflix Canada Ambassadors. My job is to watch their shows and write about it every month! Hey, that sounds nice, isn’t it? 😉 Roku 3 makes my job easy and enjoyable. Streaming the shows is magic when there is Roku involved.

 Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Third in the line of entertainment streaming devices from Roku Inc. the Roku 3 is the fastest out of it’s 2 prior models. It’s sleek and modern design makes it perfect for any entertainment room setup whether it be for your living room, your entertainment room or game room. Some of the best features that we’ve found about the Roku 3 are:
  • It has over 2,000 channels to choose from. Movies, television shows, music and more are at your disposal with just the click of a button! You’ll never hear another complaint that there isn’t anything on to watch.
  • Avoid disturbing your sleeping spouse or children by using the earphone jack that comes installed in every Roku 3 remote control.
  • With speedy streaming you get to pick and choose your favorite channel 5 times faster than the with the Roku 1 or Roku 2.

Easy to set up, transport and use, the Roku 3 is one of the best media streaming devices to add to your families entertainment arsenal. Needless to say, I recommend my Roku 3 as one of the best media streaming devices and urge you to check it out today!

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****Disclosure: I received the product free but was not required to write any reviews on it. The above post is only a reflection of my experiences using Roku3 so that my readers may benefit. No monetary compensation involved as well****



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